Vacation all I ever wanted!!

Alright everyone. It’s going to be a bit quiet on here for about a week. I’m leaving tomorrow in the A.M for Buffalo New York!!!! YIPPPEEEE!! I’m really excited and some what overly stressed.  I’m going to take a video camera and I’ll take pictures. I’ll post them on my myspace or facebook. 😀
I’m excited!!!

But I’m going to miss my babies!! 😦 😦 😦
And they’re going to miss me. Hopefully they’ll behave and not tear anything up!!
Todd and I are going to miss them terribly we always do, but we’d take them with us if we could.
Sheila’s on my lap right now her head is resting on my knee. Her right paw is dangling off my leg. She seems so relaxed. Phantom is in the chair next to us looking at Sheila and me and cleaning himself. He’s a licker loves to lick.
Cuddles’ is near the cast scratcher and is just contently sitting there.
And Scooter is laying on the couch just chilling like he always does.

Fact about Scooter: He gives hugs.
Fact about Sheila: She talks you can have a whole conversation with her. For some reason on Thursdays she will lie in bed ALL day.  And I mean all day, normally if we go in there she’ll get out of her bed, but on Thursdays she won’t even get out of bed. It happens every week! She also gives kisses.
Fact about Phantom: He loves to lick, he loves his Mamma, he meows incessantly when he’s hungry, he buries his head in my armpit (IDKY). He has a fetish with bulletin board pins!! (I do not get this). He will meow at nothing paw at the wall and start licking it.
Cuddles: She isn’t very cuddly, only when she wants the attention, not if we want to give it to her first. She has a cute meow and I swear she has looks that could kill you look in her eyes and you melt, she could do no wrong. She’s got me wrapped around her “finger”.

So that’s about my cats and I’ll miss them immensely.

I’ll see you guys later!! I come home July 8th but don’t expect me on right away. Unless I’m excited to write about something 😀

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