Introcuing Phantom

This is a video of Phantom Todd and my cat. Todd edited this video. I think he did a really great job.

Please rate it at youtube and let us know what you think!!

Updated Myspace Page and new Avie!

So today my guild finally got the FQD for our Avatar Lending. So I believe I was the first to borrow it. I got the FQD Avie, but I swore I screenied it, but apparently I did not. But you all know what it looks like.

Also I updated my myspace, I changed the song and uploaded pictures of my baby (kitty), and my kittens. So feel free to check them out!! My Myspace

I love my kitties!!!!! They are too cute. I’ll prolly end up putting up a picture page of just my/my roommates pets! 🙂 Like a little bio of them or something. Yes we love our animals.