Alright Trip stories in Pieces! or Who knows maybe I’ll tell the whole thing!

Alright so the trip started the 22nd of December.  We had to have our roommate drive us down to the grey hound station @ 10:30pm to get there around 11pm the bus wasn’t to leave until 12am the 23rd….well it was late….about 2 hours late, but that was ok with us because the train wasn’t leaving until 6am so it meant less wait time for the train station to open up. So it took 2 hours to get to Flagstaff we got there around 4am. We went outside it was FREEZING! We called a cab to get to the train station it cost $5 for the ride and my boyfriend tipped the dude $5 because it was around the corner. So we got to the train station and found my suitcase was erm…”too heavy” even though the greyhound station has the same requirements I was only about 2 lbs we took out the toiletries bag with the toothpaste and brushes and deodorant and the like. We didn’t think logically that we’d be needing it on the train but it was a good thing the dude asked us to remove something and that was the item because I wouldn’t have brushed my teeth for like 3 days and wow I am anal about brushing my teeth.  So 6am rolls around after sitting on hard benches for a couple hours we get up and go outside to wait for the train, it is again FREEZING! We stand out there for a little bit because we keep hearing trains and by this time it wasn’t there. We get told the train is running late, and I think they said because of Freight Congestion. The train ends up coming around 7 or 7:30am. We finally aboard this HUGE two story train it was nice and huge. My feet sometimes could reach the chair in front of me.

Thats it for today folks….I guess I’m going to do a play by play to keep you guys on or seats lol.