Scooter is putting his paw in his water dish.

Yea so my title is weird I know, but when I looked over at scooter his paw was in the water dish. He does this weird thing where he’ll put his paw in the dish and lick it off, or clean himself with the water…weird!!

Phantom whenever he goes to the water dish puts his paw in the water before drinking, my roommate told me it was probably to check the temperature? Who knows!!

I went to see Harold and Kumar and OMG it is sooo great!! But remember kids, it rated “R”. To parents, I wouldn’t let a child under 16 (because I know how some parents let their 16+ children go and see R rated movies), because there is more nudity in this one then there was in the first one. Lets just say they have a “bottomless party”. Anyways I love this movie it’s great, but seriously if you haven’t seen Harold and Kumar go to White Castle you need to see if first before going and seeing Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay.

Anyways so I got an A in English 101 and that means I don’t have to take the English Final!! I’m excited. Hopefully I can get an A in Math 090 and an A in Computers! Then I would have straight A’s and perhaps make the Dean’s List!! Wouldn’t that be something, in High School I never got grades like this, I think it’s messed up how they psych you out for college saying it’s difficult and that High School is preparing you for College. I was graded much harder or something in my sophomore year of High School! It’s crazy! And I actually understand what’s being taught to me. I know in part it is because of my age, the fact that I’m paying, but I think that it also helps when the teacher can teach the information and isn’t trying to make it be the most difficult thing. *sigh* ok.

Todd’s playing GTA3 right now, driving a Banshee! We really want GTA4 but we don’t have a PS3. It’s expensive and I’m going to use my stimulus check for a Lap Top for school, well that’s if I get a stimulus check… I did file, but I never got that notice in the mail that said “Oh because you filed we’re giving you, your stimulus…” how do I know what it says, well that’s because Todd and my roommates got one…so I’m unsure, but I really hope that I do!! And Todd’s planning on using his to buy himself a desk top for video editing! Did you know they have a terabyte hard drive now!?!?!? That’s 1,000 GB. INSANE!!!