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I Can’t Post this!!? Does Someone Know Why??

Ok I’m trying to post this long message on my guild message boards, please look it over and tell me why I can’t post it.

Congrats Libby on making council!! *clap* *clap*I’m so sorry I haven’t been on, school calls but I will be having a week break in march so I should be on it for then!
I had to write a Narrative Essay for English class, and it was to be only 3 pages long, well mine went over that by 2 pages, but I can’t help it I’m explaining my first trip to and you can’t leave out that much detail for people who haven’t been thereIf anyone is interested in reading it, I’m probably going to post it on my blog I can use all the extra point of views as possible Now remember us Americans write differently then you British folk! *cough* so yea my grammar and spelling won’t be the same!I need help with the stupid plot 3 mods, I am going to check out the guide MB that you put on the guild webbie, I used it before, but I think I’m still a bit confused, then again I didn’t read it while I had my full attention on itHopefully it isn’t closed and I can still work on it It’s driving me insane I’ve done all the ones with the 1 and 2 mods

Sorry this is a long long post, but I figured I’d get everything in, on one post

Oh yea and please PLEASE PLEASE if anyone has ANY suggestions on how to recruit new members please neomail me If you’ve recruited someone please have them neomail me stating so!

So it won’t let me post this, so I’m going to have to break it up to see why my post is being blocked!!

This is the messages I’m getting:

Guild Home | Guild Help | My Guild

– Input Blocked – The text that you just entered has not been accepted by the Neopets system because of a possible rude word, or HTML that we have had to block. The phrase that was blocked was ”.

Bad language is NOT acceptable on Neopets in any way at all. In addition, there are certain HTML and Javascript tags such as ‘IFRAME‘ and ‘onLoad‘ that have been blocked too.

It is possible that we may have made a mistake, so if you believe that this text should not be blocked, click here to notify us. Otherwise please click Back to re-enter the text.

This seems to be a glitch with the guild boards only. It is NOT allowing apostrophes for some strange reason, but you can still post them in neomail.