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I logged into Marapets today and had 33 notifications!!


Of those notifications like 30 of them were referrals!! Which I’m super excited about however you all who are joining Marapets totally need to VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT  otherwise I don’t get any bonus for getting you guys to check us out!

So if you’re going to join please verify your account. And remember YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 1 ACCOUNT ON MARAPETS. 


If you’d like to join! Please click HERE

Marapets! Please Join!

Click the banner to join.
Check it out.
Seriously it’s very similar to neo. And if you get board you can play here too, to give you something new to do. Also since you’d be new you wouldn’t need to save up for anything, which it’s nice to be able to spend your points.

It’s pretty cool.
They have Quests, Missions, and Goals which are all different.
You can go to school to educate you pet.
You can create dolls to chat with in the forums.
You can collect avatars.
It’s really cool.
You can have minipets which are just like petpets.
But you can feed your mini pet, and make it go potty.
There is a place that is like the Kads but with Mini Pets. I don’t know if you get an trophy, but you can get an Avatar.
There is another place similar to the Kads as well where you can feed fish mini pets.
There games have easier pay outs.
You can collect Eggs, to got font colors which gives you something else to get.

It’s pretty cool and you can do this while still playing neo.

I like it because it seems to have more options then Neopets, but then again I probably don’t use the site fully, but this seems like things that a general player can do and not have to be an advanced player to understand it.

But please help me out, even if you don’t use the site that much just join up could use the referrals as well.

Let me know what you think?