Key Quest List.

This is a link to my page of people to play with and people who’ve left a game whether it be from their computer dying, internet breaking, bad connection, leaving intentionally I don’t know. This is just a list complied by myself of the people I’ve played.
This page serves as a warning to people who don’t want to play quitters. But it does not mean that these people leave all the time.

Click here for list.

Speckled Negg!

I got  a speckled Negg from KQ!!



I won this playing Key Quest!

I won this playing Key Quest!

I won this playing Key Quest.
My keys go from gold to bronze:
74 55 3 1

Awesome Eh? People though are complaining about it which I think is really stupid I mean these aren’t really expensive PBs. 😀

Which makes me think that I’m going to look up the price of a plushie PB (I forgot how much they cost) and make a new pet on my side if I’ve got enough Neopoints!

Btw I still need Purple Items so please contact me if you do!!

Key Quest Works! What? And NT Ed Q!

So I just figured out that Key Quest works better much much much better for me in IE (and no I don’t use IE 7 or 8 I use IE 5 or something, BEFORE the tabs *gasps*).

Yep So I played and I won 1st and won 2nd but I have to start trying to go to bed early, but with this new found key quest playing ability I find it hard to peel myself from the computer even though I couldn’t find every apostrophe in my post in the guild.

Speaking of Apostrophes I’m so tired of this ban in the guilds. Explain to me why it’s in the guilds and not on the while of neopia? It makes no sense so once again I put my question in, and I suggest you guys ask a similar question if it bothers you as much as it does me, perhaps if more people ask, making it a common question it will eventually get answered. But no spamming, we don’t like spammers!

Here’s my question:

TNT could you please please please explain to me how the words, I’m, you’re, don’t, can’t, isn’t, it’s, you’ve, wasn’t, weren’t, etc are all BAD words? I just don’t see it. And it’s really annoying. School starts next week and while I’m online I still need to practice proper grammar.