Maraween Character Trick Or Treat

Maraween wouldn’t be complete without Character (doll) Trick or Treating! And thus this has started! I’m super excited, but it’s also very time consuming, luckily you have until November to gather as many prizes as you can!

You need to have a specific costume these are the qualifying costumes for your doll to wear:

Beelzebub Costume, Vintage Witch Costume, Vintage Devil Costume, Vintage Pumpkin Costume, Pumpkin Costume, Dracula Costume, Black Skeleton Costume, Vintage Werewolf Costume, Lycanthrope Costume, Corpse Costume, Deceased Costume, Vintage Halloween Snowman Costume, Halloween Snowman Costume, Nefarious Fairy Costume, Nefarious Cloak Costume, Mutated Costume, Speechless Ghost Costume, Evil Ghost Costume, Grim Reaper Costume, Graveyard Keeper Costume, Supergirl Costume, Criminal Costume, Gremlin Costume, Sinner Costume, Teenage Sorcerer Costume, Teenage Witch Costume, Superboy Costume, Zombie Fairy Costume, Ghost Captain Costume, Ghost Pirate Costume, Mr Skeleton Costume, Mrs Skeleton Costume, Undead Bride Costume, Undead Groom Costume, Bloody Barber Costume, Loose Mummy Costume, Tight Mummy Costume, Red Death Costume, Black Death Costume, Frankenstein Bride Costume, Frankenstein Costume, Nurse Costume, Doctor Costume, School Uniform Costume, Headless Horseman Costume, Teenage Vampire Costume, Vampire Girl Costume, Onryo Costume, Death March Costume, Killer Sindi Costume

You need to have your pet(s) as a specific costume as well to go to Elger to trick or treat there.

Your pet needs to be wearing one of these: All you need to take part is a pet wearing a Halloween, Mad Scientist, Nefarious, Bug, Skeleton, Ghost, Cursed, Witch, Dark, Zombie, Wizard, Voodoo, Phantom, Goblin, Rotten, Midnight, Insideout, Gothic, Eleka, Killer, Headless, Mutant, Mummy, Werewolf, Nightmare, Monster, Poison or Devil costume.

Inside out and Gothic costumed pets have a shorter wait time of 15 minutes instead of every 20 minutes.

I have a Headless Cossie in my trades right now too! So if you need one go bid!