w00t-Council BOO LAB RAY!

So I’m back on Council in my guild. I was the original creator, however I took a break from the neo a while back and put MB in charge but she’s a fantastic leader! They’ve done a great job. Now I’m officially the Guild Recruiter! Oh yea. This means that I need more members to join my guild! Its private, Neo Related guild. We have help for all types of things, and many of the people in the guild are some-what advanced players!! If you’re interested in joining my guild then neomail me!

Augh! I’m so upset….I was hoping that when I got the lab ray I’d get some magically cool looking pet, but so far all I’ve got is the increase and decrease of various skills, and 1 gender change!! AGH! The petpet lab ray gave me the soot Avie, but other then that Haven’t gotten too much!! MMM…..How long did it take my fellow neopians to get a color change or a species change?

Today I went to the moon/meteor and got a petpet!! It’s pretty cool looking!!

Other then that not too much is going on!

I painted Purple_Camo_Gurl well of course Camo!! Finally so now I’ve got 160K vs. 1.5M but *shrugs* oh well. I’ll make it back of course!!

Meteor Scientist??


And today I was @ the money tree! Check out what someone gave away!

A glass paint brush!! Can you believe it?