Alright so I think I should pass this AMAZING band off to others!
The name of this band is called Dream Theater.
They are from New York and they are Progressive rock.
Even if you don’t like progressive rock I suggest you check it out.
I like the solos best without the vocals. But that’s just me.
The rule. I went to see them in concert and they are great.
If you’re a musician you should already know this band as every person whose a musician I’ve come across likes them.
If you’re a fan of the band TOOL and have never heard of dream theater let me shame you now *shame shame*. Danny Carey the drummer for TOOL is said to be as good as Mike Portnoy (drummer from DT).
I highly suggest you guys check out their music.

I really like the song called Glass Prison, not sure why but I do. Remember my boyfriend is a drummer so I really like the songs for drums and bass, because they have to go together. Here is Glass Prison.
Also here are the names of the members in the band:
James Labrie: Vocals
Jordan Rudess: Keyboard
Mike Portnoy: Drums
John Petrucci: Guitar
John Myung: Bass

I went to this tour not this one on film though, but sadly they did not play this song!!
These guys are huge in other countries as well.
They are on Montreal in this video, and look how many people they have, I mean someone is crowd surfing!!

Dream Theater is also known for having long ass songs, that’s why you don’t usually hear them on the radio. But every so often (out here at least) you will.

If you’ve liked this video then you will like this next one as well it is called Metropolis they have a live orchestra playing as well. This is from their DVD called Score:


Alright Alright Alright!

Happy New Year everyone!!

I will tell you my adventures and tales tomorrow as I just got home about 2 hours ago!

I am alive!

Got home and found the kittens made a mess on the bed….more then 4x yep pleasant isn’t it!
So now I’m washing all the bedding and can’t go to bed for another oh hour +.

I STILL feel like I’m on the train rocking left and right left and right left and right.
I really CAN hear the train horn still…..yep!

Adventures whose got questions!?