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I logged into Marapets today and had 33 notifications!!


Of those notifications like 30 of them were referrals!! Which I’m super excited about however you all who are joining Marapets totally need to VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT  otherwise I don’t get any bonus for getting you guys to check us out!

So if you’re going to join please verify your account. And remember YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 1 ACCOUNT ON MARAPETS. 


If you’d like to join! Please click HERE

Marapets Referrals!

 Ian has finally updated Marapets Referrals and they are finally back up and running. I’m super excited about this because I did have a lot of referrals before they went down.

I had linked to a lot of Neopets blogs, and some Neopets people came over to Mara. Well Neo has been going downhill since Jumpstart bought it. People have support tickets open from 2013!!! 2-0-1-3!! How insane is that? They don’t care about their users, and they’ve not improved the site at all. They continually add NC Mall items, but not normal site wide re-vamps. And that’s why I say come join Marapets!!

Why should you join Marapets? Well it’s so much better than Neopets. Firstly Ian is the owner of the site, he actually listens to what you have to say, and tries to improve the site accordingly. Naturally not everything you want will be there but its still a fairly active site.

Marapets has so much to do, from pets to events, to collections there is so much this site has to offer.

Dolls: Customize your doll with clothing from the clothing shops and clothing from the AU (Account Upgrades) area. Dolls are a unique individualized personality of your time on Mara. Some people spend hours customizing their dolls while others don’t care. I especially enjoy collecting items for my wardrobe. So what else can I do with my doll? Well I can enter the Beauty Contest or the Ugly Contest both of which you will, if you win, win a corresponding trophy for your page. Depending on the category you enter (which depends on the amount of clothing you have) depends on whether you will win the Bronze, Silver or Gold trophies.  This is the Gold Beauty Contest Trophy. On top of entering those contests you can also earn rewards based on how many items you have in your Wardrobe. The reward system is very awesome. You can win all kinds of things from toys for you pets to more clothing for your wardrobe and even Marapoints (mps) and in some reward cases Account Upgrades (AU).

Pets: Pets are similar in execution to Neopets. The only exception here is unlike Neopets you can’t dress your Marapets. However they have some super cool costumes that can be hard to get. Costumes are basically the same as paint brushes, they change your pets color. There are a huge amount of costumes to choose from, some show up in the costume shop (which is super are to restock [RS]) and others can be gained from purchasing AU. There are rewards fairies for almost everything your pet does. Gourmet Food is for rarity 10+ food that you feed your pet, the obese fairy will reward you based on how many foods your pets have eaten. This is a very costly collection but it can also be very rewarding. You have rewards for pet stats, to newspapers and magazines your pet has read, how many transformations your pet has participated in, how many toys your pet has played with and how many instruments your pet has played. On top of the pet rewards we have account rewards. Based on how long you’ve played totally, to how often you log in to how many times you’ve talked in the forums and how often you’ve talked in MT. There are rewards for everything which makes the site enjoyable to play.

Membership: I’d say at least 90% of the players who play on Marapets are adults, which makes for a much more fun environment to play in. Unlike Neopets, Mara actually lets you talk about certain topics and you can talk about things PG-13 and under. There is even a sub forum area for discussions that end up being debates. The only thing not allowed would be rudeness, and being a jerk in the thread. Though most areas of the forums have specific rules. Like no price checking items in Maratalk (MT) those must go in the Price Check Forum and nowhere else. Things like that. If there is a specific thread for it, then it must go in that forum.

Still it’s really enjoyable to play since the majority of players are mature. We can also post our photos on our profiles if we want. It’s a lot of fun.

Events: Almost regularly Ian creates events, most of the time they are typically the same execution as last events just with a new theme. Still its fun and helps with item collecting especially for me when new clothing comes out.

Since it’s October we are in the middle of our Halloween events. Yes EVENTS with an S! This is the time of year most in mara wait for.

For Halloween we have: Enpiah Alien who normally does 1mp auctions of random items throughout the year. During Halloween he has a select amount of items that are for auction and can only be increased 1mp at a time making it not too difficult to get. Though in the beginning cause of the chaos they are almost impossible to get.

Our Snowman quest changes to Halloween Snowman, he will only accept Halloween Candy items for his quests but you may get lucky and earn some of the Halloween item prizes in addition to some MPs.

The Pot of Gold turns into the Pumpkin of Gold where only Halloween items can be dropped into it (Pot of Gold is like the Money Tree for Neo) and if you pick up an item you have to wait 10 minutes before you get the next one. This helps cut down on people being greedy but also gives us slower players chances to gain the items.

Elger, another quest, will also change to Halloween. If your pet is a specific Halloween Themed pet you will then be able to Trick or Treat with Elger.

Pumpkin Hunt is little floating pumpkins you click on throughout the site. They give you items and marapoints, and in rare cases you can win a Pastel Costume. In addition to clicking on them the top I think 100 players gain some extra rewards at the end of the event which can be 1 million Marapoints, a rare Trading Card and other things.  Oh here I looked, this is from the news: A new Maraween Pumpkin Hunt has just started for 2017. It will last until November 21st. As you browse and play the site as normal, check out every page for a Pumpkin in a box. When you find it, click it and you may get a prize! These prizes are listed below. You may also win a Pastel Costume! The 250 different players who collect the most pumpkins will receive 1,500,000MP and a limited edition Carvey Trading Card. The next 250 will just get a Carvey Trading Card.

This year, 10 random players who will collect 100 pumpkins or more will win £10, 15 will receive £5 and 20 players will receive £2 Account Upgrade Credits!

And that’s not even all the things that mara can do!! So if you think that mara is your kind of place! Come join us!!


Click HERE to join!!

Have any questions once you join? Maramail me HERE








So, now that Neo is dying a slow and agonizing death I’ve been spending lots of my time over on Marapets. I’ve posted here and there about it before, but not too frequently. I think I’m going to start up again! Right now referrals are down, and being re-worked so people can’t cheat, what that means for people joining using my link? Not sure, but I hope it gets up soon.

How is Marapets different from Neo? Well it’s a bit more complex and a bit more simplistic than Neo. Well first you have pets, and unlike Neo you can have 12, and you can buy boxes to gain more space for even more pets. You have a doll/character that you can dress in costumes, and clothing and it’s fun stuff. There are site events, quests, missions, goals, rewards, collections, stat increases, contests and a numerous amount of things to do on the site. There are forums, and a live chat called Maratalk, there are games, but you don’t get MPs (Marapoints) from playing them, you get game points which you can redeem in the game shop. Right now for Halloween season we had about 5-10 different site events that gave use items. Some of it is tedious and hard and annoying but other things are awesome and cool. The Forums are much more strict than Neo though and they have much more staff, but the staff isn’t invisible and they do interact with you. The people on mara are very nice, and a vast majority are adult players, which is great for me being an adult player. There is just so much more to do, so with that I will probably be posting more about Mara and less about Neo.

Come find me on marapets via my username:  Danniegurl if you’ve found my through my blog let me know 🙂

Have fun and if you need help feel free to Message me via Mara. 🙂

Ruki Avie

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Draik and Grey Avies

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Fire Blumaroo & Harris Avies

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Coconut Jubjub and Gruslen Avies

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Werelupe & Quadrapus Avies

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Starry Grarrl Morphing Potion
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Mootix + Huggy Avie (PetPet and PetPetPet Avies)

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