Shop Till

I sold 116 Items.

14 Negg(s)
8 Purple Neggs
10 Mau Codestones
14 Taik-Kai Codestones
7 Lu
13 Vo
14 Eo
12 Main
6 Zei
3 Orn
5 Har
10 Bri

For a grand total in my shop till (I only sold those in my shop and this is an acurate amount of neopoints)
Shop Till

You currently have 403,298 NP in your till.


So it looks as though I got this avie last night but I didn’t notice it until today when I was going through my avies. Because I had spun the wheel and left it and then I forgot about it. And I came and clicked prize and it had said I already spun the wheel, like I don’t get a prize! Lol.


Did a snow quest spent a lot more NPS on it then I should have but it got me the avie!

A lot of wheels, like I got a bunch of RE’s while I was going to wheels.

This was while I went to the wheel of Mediocrity.

Schooling, College? Neopets?

So today I went to PVCC the local community college near my house. I am working on going to college and getting my core classes out of the way, English. Math, and a few other non essentials. So it looks like I won’t be starting until January, but the price tag for ONE SEMESTER is around $1372.65 for all the classes, fees, books and supplies I may need. Isn’t that a lot?? I’m excited to go back to school though I haven’t been doing too much except reading books.

Not too much going on Neopets for me. I made 1m, I’ve now got 1.1m YAY! I really want to get that adam avie. I also really really want a purple feather boa!! AUGH I wish it wasn’t an UB. I won the treasure in Deserted Tomb today, but I was too lazy to Screenie it.

My boyfriend and I are taking in 3 kittens. We need to get them their shots, and spayed and neutered. I put an ad out on CL for free kitty stuff because I really want a kitty condo, but they are so expensive plus with not having a lot of $ means that it’s a lot more difficult to get the items that our 4 cats will need. We need litter, food, toys, beds, collars, tags, shots, surgeries, endless, but they are our children and they make us happy.

Thats about it.