I won this playing Key Quest!

I won this playing Key Quest!

I won this playing Key Quest.
My keys go from gold to bronze:
74 55 3 1

Awesome Eh? People though are complaining about it which I think is really stupid I mean these aren’t really expensive PBs. 😀

Which makes me think that I’m going to look up the price of a plushie PB (I forgot how much they cost) and make a new pet on my side if I’ve got enough Neopoints!

Btw I still need Purple Items so please contact me if you do!!

w00t! *pokes gallery*

I’ve been adding items to my gallery so have a looksy! Tell me if there are items I should add. I’m always looking for suggestions!

My awesome gallery

Yeps it’s cool!

Check out my Gallery!

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Purple! Yep I’m collecting Purple items, so if you feel like donating feel free to do so. I also have a wishlist of items I’m really looking for.

If it’s already in my gallery, ask me if I want it because I might buy it depending on what it is!

But purple is the key. There are items with the word purple and there are items that don’t have the word purple in their name but they are purple!

So just ask me!!