Oh Reported!! Editorial issue #: 235

This is an excerpt from the Neopian Times regarding people saying “REPORTED”. Please read it carefully this is from THE NT. Link: click here

I was at the help board, and i came across someone who needed help but didn’t post their question in the very first post, but in their second post. So, someone automatically reports them for spamming, and starts an argument about how it is considered spam. So, would it be considered spam if you don’t post your question in your first post? ~zity_is_the_best
Oh boy. Not at all. Let’s clear some things up:

Spam = Stupid Pointless Annoying Message. It’s been around since the dawn of the Internet and, in the case of message boards, it’s used to describe a post that has no relevance or valid contribution to the conversation at hand. A “spammer” is someone who does this repeatedly and is doing so to intentionally disrupt the conversation.

On Neopets, our message boards go pretty fast, and the number of different things people talk about is HUGE. It’s not difficult to end up on the wrong board or transition into a completely different discussion than that of the original post. So, if something is at least Neopets related, and it’s a one-time occurrence, even if it’s in the wrong chat, please don’t report them. It may just be a mistake. Just kindly direct them to the proper board. Now, if the person repeatedly spams the same message, or is constantly off-topic, you can report. Please use common sense though.

Two more things:
People that post “REPORTED!” on every single board that is the slightest bit off-topic are a bigger pain to the monitors than the people they are reporting. That is spam also and is just as pointless. Additionally, including “avatar!” at the end of your post about your favourite movie star when chatting on the avatar boards, for example, does NOT count as staying on topic. 😉