Please watch this video!!

Todd made this video for his grandma shirley who passed a week after his birthday!!


Wow so today I’m sick. I’ve got a temperature of 100.1 about 2 hours ago. I took some tylenol so hopefully that will help! I don’t know what I have. I’ve got the chills, the hots, chest congestion and sometimes my ears feel huge like clogged. So hopefully I’ll get over it today because I’m supposed to babysit and we need the money.

And wow I just found out like probably most of you have that Bernie Mac has died from Pnenomia which is crazy and unexpected I mean in the last few years quite a few unexpected death happend. Anna Nicole, John Ritter, Heath Ledger I mean these people are young and you wouldn’t have expected it. I mean like when someone is past 80 you expect it even though it’s still hard, but you can see that it’s mostly because of old age not something freak like that ya know?