Who is this guy!? And why is he putting Scamanders in the money tree? They are worth 6m-15m
I so over 100 in about 5 refreshes!


What do you think? Anyone want to fill me in here??

Ok so someone in my guild told me that scamander-in-chief is a member of TNT and that he put out Scamanders in the money tree during or around the lost desert plot…
So that gets me to thinking that does that mean there will be a new plot??
Also regardless of if you click on it in the money tree you weren’t going to get it.

Did I do it? Did I finally do it?

Ok You be the judge! Please tell me. Also how much should I sell it? Over Mil, over 5 Mil? More? Less? I also got an Avie!!




UpDate: Ok I talked with people on the Trades board and one of them said that since it was a new Item that I get to set the price which will no doubt be high,

1) because it’s a rare item 97
2) it’s pet specific
3) It’s an LE Pet that sells for Millions

Soooo I have a few demands to have met:
I’d like:
Plushie PB
Pink PB
Camo PB
Purple Feather Boa
Cybunny MP or TP
Total around 10M.