Sugar Stack

You added Sugar Cube number 9 to the stack

You took a cube from the stack and it did not fall over

Congratulations! You won Sugar Stack Book bonus prize

Woah!! Big Win

turtlecoolz asks the Genie to grant them a wish….

The Genie has granted turtlecoolz a wish!

You have won 100,000MP

If you had the Genie Giftbox you could visit the Genie again today!

Game resets at 00:00MST. Come back in 13 hours 41 minutes

Purple Mugen

Your Mini Pet got on the ride and…..

Changed colour to a Purple Mugen!!



It’s sooooo cute!!

Plushie Machine

You insert 250MP and move the claw to the right…

You picked up Mutant Azul Plushie

Test Your Strength Win

Not bad… but not good either!

You have won 10,000MP!

This never happens lol.