I’m back Hopefully.

I’m back finally. Although right now I’m still borrowing a connection from a neighbor. Todd and I finally moved into our new place, but with limited internet connections and a very very very very slow lap top (246 MB RAM or some wierd number) so I haven’t been doing much typing because the computer freaks out.

But I’ll be getting a more stable connection by June 5th but I still won’t be able to play KQ 😦 Todd’s computer died, and we just sent in the motherboard today. We tried building a new one, but had a ton of problems. So we took it back.

I haven’t been playing neopets much due to this computer and limited connection.  So I hope I’ll be more active around then especially with ACIV.

By the way I’m TEAM DARIGAN!! (Did I spell it correctly?). I can’t wait to play it but I hope my regular only 1 gig ram computer can play it. I’d be especially upset if it couldn’t, but I believe I did well with it last year.

Anyone want to donate a really exciting computer to me? HAHA. I’m an aspiring teacher. I’d like to teach 1st grade. Yep I figured out my major. Before I picked kindergarten but, its a separate major and goes with daycare, which I don’t want to do. I’ve got 2 more years or more of schooling.

So please bare with me as I get back to blogging and getting back into the swing of things, my office is not finished yet either. So yep that’s what’s up.

I did make a twitter you can follow me my username is Danniegurl. I’m going to tell you I’m a boring person, and update about life, you know like going to work, cleaning playing with the cats etc. But feel free to follow me and give me some @ replies. I might make an account for neopets (separate from my other one, because it fwds to my facebook), but it all depends on how much I get into it.

Speaking about twitter Jellyneo has a twitter go search them too.

DC for the Win! (My Scores)

Goals Scored 198
Goals by Layton Vickles 127
Goals by Tormo “The Terror” Frein 19
Goals by Kep Bonnefie 27
Goals by Tandrak Shaye 25
Saves by Reshar Collifey 75
Number of Wins 51
Number of Draws 4
Number of Losses 0
Slushie Slinger
Games Played 7
Top Score 555
Make Some Noise
Games Played 10
Top Score 6,766

Rank Level 1

I’m going to be updating this so hopefully I’ll remember to update the time so it’s always the first post!!


Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use ‘Altador Cup Player‘ as an avatar on the NeoBoards!


I just have to say I just played YYB and it is SOOOO much quicker! I always wondered why the guys ran so slow!!


Anyways I HIGHLY recommend downloading FF3

It not only saves you CPU and memory usage but it’s much much quicker.


I couldn’t decide between DC or Roo….so I went with my fav color!!

Darigan Citadel
You have successfully joined Team Darigan Citadel!
Check your Inventory and be sure to put your new background in your Closet if you want to use it to customise your Neopets.

Or, if you’re ready to start playing for your team: Play the Games Now!

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