Couple Different things!

So I finally figured out how to put more then 1 picture into a whole post VS. making a new post for each RE, Avie, and anything of that sort.  So I’ll get on with it!


Since it’s faerie day and all!!


W00T I found 500nps on the floor. Clumsy neopians!

Then I found a Petpet Lab Map Piece!! YAY!


Faeries in bottles which they could bless colors! Or the Fountain Faerie could be bottled!!
Yes I’m aware of the Rainbow Fountain Sand! Are you? 0.0


Got this Avie after getting Free training for my 2 poogles both of which I got on Poogle Day this year! YAY!!

So did anyone else get poogles or find anything interesting??


Highest Score I’d gotten playing the game!! RR! 😦

Boo Tarla hasn’t been in, in a few days!! 😦

Glitchy Glitchy Glitch FYI

Neo Is having a glitch for those of you who don’t know, the glitch so far from what I’ve figured out won’t load the newest Neopian Times also you can not feed your pet, or do anything with your inventory singly you must send them to SDB or Closet via Quick Stock.

Hope this helps everyone!!

Wonder how this happend!?