Wow Amazing

Wow it’s amazing how drinking can effect your ability to type or react. I’m going to keep my misspellings so you guys can see how drunk I currently am. It’;s crazyy and I can’t believe it,  bu t the rt grate thing about muy friedns is that thye wont’ drive drunk so theit spending the night heere. Even though my firefox is telling me I’m spellinh worfs wrong I’m dhowing you guys how drink can effect you and yourt ability to type. Now if you can’t type do you think you can drive? Whart’s great abut az is that they have no w the hardest laws in amarica for drinking. First offense you og to jail and get an ignition interlock system.

crazy. moral of the story don’t drink and drive. EVER!

Yoda, the ode to the

*cry* My car died…again.
Oh well. What can you do I mean it’s old and we def can’t afford a new one. But we keep pouring money into it. The cool thing was, was that my bestfriend had AAA, and had free tow service to anyone she knows, for up to 100 miles! So we got to tow it.

But it was a long day, I thought we’d run out of gas, well we got gas, and well that didn’t help at all, so we think it’s the starter, who knows! We towed it to Fletchers a local Auto Shop.

Dude Jenni and Shayne are the shyte!!
They totally saved us!
We gave them free Jack N The Box!

Look there’s a Bird in the sky….nope that just my boyfriends hand out the window!

Arg!! Almost got into a car accident on the freeway!! Some stupid person in a truck wasn’t looking and was coming in my lane, well first he was riding the lines, then went back into his land then flipped on his blinker and decided to come over right then mustn’t have looked in his blind spot because he decided to come over right as I’m to his right. I did the polite beep and he persisted to come over so I was wailing on the horn and had to swerve into the other land luckily there wasn’t anyone in that other lane!! People really need to learn to drive better!!

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Driving Annoys Me!

Alright so today’s been an over all boring day. I drove Todd to his lessons, and then we drove home. I’m really sick of people and how they drive! It’s quite annoying when the person in front of you is going mm 45-55MPH in a 65MPH mind you all the way in the left land deemed as the “fast lane” where you must go 80MPH or higher! Now why do these people think that they can drive in the far left lane going 10-20 Miles under the speed limit? I really don’t understand. You know another thing that drives me nuts while I drive is that people need to start using their blinkers…I mean come on HELLO it’s not there for decoration! People it is the L-A-W to use your blinker. Did you know you CAN get pulled over for the lack of use of a blinker!?

Things that drive me nuts while I drive:

  1.  people driving on cell phones, who doesn’t use blinkers, cut me off, swerve into my lane, and have no care for the people around them to use a hands free device!
  2. People who don’t use blinkers!
  3. People who use the left lane as their leisure, when you must go over the speed limit to be in that lane.
  4. When I flash my lights at you I’m saying “MOVE OUT THE WAY”
  5. If I’m tail-gating you it means “MOVE TO THE LANE TO YOUR RIGHT”
  6. HANG UP AN DRIVE PEOPLE. What could possibly be more important then driving a 3 ton vehicle that can KILL someone? Don’t you think you should pay attention to that??
  7. If you’re making a left turn at a light with a left turn lane this does NOT mean that the blinker is OPTIONAL! Just because the people behind you know you’re turning it doesn’t mean that on coming traffic does.
  8. Get rid of those stupid HALOGEN lights! Those are annoying and blind people.
  9. Drive more careful! Look over your shoulder before you change lanes, simply looking into your mirror will NOT suffice!
  10. Take a driving class
  12. Don’t text while driving!

    Did you know that driving while on the cell phone is the same as driving drunk? Would you drive drunk? Do you know someone who was a victim of a drunk driving?
    Myth Buster proved this to be true as well as many other studies. If you wouldn’t drive drunk then I suggest you hang up that phone.  And don’t get me started on TEXTING while driving! You expect people to be able to pay attention to text messaging while driving!