Its about 14K

Buying : Mutant Cybunny Plushie

Look its a mutant Cybunny plushie that you can hug and squeeze as much as you want.

The Shopkeeper says ‘I accept your offer of 3827 Neopoints!’

Mutant Cybunny Plushie has been added to your inventory
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MY FIRST SNIPE!! Because I was putting one into my shop!!

Shop Owner Item Stock
sophya_a95 Bottled Water Faerie 1 1 NP
swistus Bottled Water Faerie 1 3,490 NP
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Re: 200K w00t!

So an Update to my post on Half Price Day. I RSed an item, “Sugar Bridge” I had bought it for 5,001 nps! Well I originally thought it was 200K, but it turns out it is worth 750K-800K
It’s in my trades if you’d like it.


200K! w00t!

    Buying : Sugar Bridge

A delicate, yet surprisingly strong addition to any garden.

The Shopkeeper says ‘I accept your offer of 5001 Neopoints!’

Sugar Bridge has been added to your inventory

45K….sounds good!


Buying : Squid Hot Dog

Dont worry this hot dog isnt too slimy.

The Shopkeeper says ‘I accept your offer of 1300 Neopoints!’

Squid Hot Dog has been added to your inventory

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I was Lent the ZDAP!!

So the user tr8 lent me the ZDAP for 800K and 400K 2 trades.
I’ve got my proof for me needing to be lent for other items that I will return!
He hasn’t added me to his page yet but he will. Petpage Click the link and it will take you to his page!!


See he said he would lend to me!

See I did a successful trade!!

I also got some REs as well.


So if you have a Shoyru does something happen?


w00t a new challanger!

Not that I battle….


Perhaps you should get a customizable jacket???


I almost RSed a Chomby MP, it was in the shop, but….I didn’t have any NPS out yet 😦 Sad I know. Click it to view better!

Oh and last night I got a new trophy, not that hard to get, but still it’s a trophy!sahkmet-solitaire.PNG

Lots of RE’s

Well today I’ve been trying to RS only to be so close only to get the mere you’re too slow, blah blah boo hoo.
I came close to getting a Daragian Bori MP!

I’ve also been getting a lot of Random Events in the past hour!!
Boo to you too!

He healed them! Too bad he didn’t feed them too!!


Why couldn’t they just give me the Juice!??!

You accepted offer on lot: blah blah!

Oh Yea! I’m happy I finally got a purple feather boa!! I didn’t RS it though I traded it for my Draik bonnet and 235K *claps* Oh yea!! I’m happy joy joy! I now how over 1.4 mil!! w00t!


I haggled with her for a while! But it was worth it! She only originally offered the Boa but then I asked for the boa and 500K then we haggled from there! yippe! She even said she say the bonnet earlier but I must have gotten to it before her! *is happy!*
And I only paid 5k for it!!

Did I do it? Did I finally do it?

Ok You be the judge! Please tell me. Also how much should I sell it? Over Mil, over 5 Mil? More? Less? I also got an Avie!!




UpDate: Ok I talked with people on the Trades board and one of them said that since it was a new Item that I get to set the price which will no doubt be high,

1) because it’s a rare item 97
2) it’s pet specific
3) It’s an LE Pet that sells for Millions

Soooo I have a few demands to have met:
I’d like:
Plushie PB
Pink PB
Camo PB
Purple Feather Boa
Cybunny MP or TP
Total around 10M.