Dannie Wants

Dannie wants one of those lab ray keeper-tracker things.
Like Julie has on Yas…..

Hmmm where to go what to ‘search’ under…..

What to google.

I have tomorrow off from work.

I should be able to be on a lot tomorrow unless I’m consumed with the urge to clean…which I could very well be.

But don’t hold your breath. I do however, have to do some laundry as well. One of the cats peed on Todd’s work clothes and so I must wash them other wise he’ll either put too much soap in, not enough use hot water instead of cold ( i mean we live in the desert and well our cold water is HOT so why pay for it?). Then he’ll put it on the delicate wash instead of regular and once in the drier he’ll set it to minutes instead of the auto selection.

Must women do everything for men…..


why is it whenever I want a REALLY long middle and I press enter WP doesn’t recognize this when I posts, my post. I mean come on I put those many breaks in for a reason and yet it won’t give it to me.

What is this?

In the past 2 days I’ve gotten  more spam than in the past 2 months!


Tried them and I peed my pants…..


Teen Girl Beaten by 6 girls.

Alright well I must comment on this matter.
Click here for story
That’s the link to the story ^.
Many people are saying that myspace, and youtube are the reason for this to occur and that they need to be shut down or banned or whatever maybe the case.

They are not the reason for the brutality (myspace and youtube). I just don’t understand why people are blaming this on them. Ok So what if they didn’t have the video camera chances are they probably still would have beaten the girl up. They planned it. It’s that simple, explain to me how youtube and myspace planned to post this girl being beaten up? Exactly they didn’t. The people responsible are the girls who beat her up. My thing is I’ve been in fights before at school, never do you have or should you have 2+ on 1 fight, usually if someone has a beef with someone about something it’s usually a 1-1 confrontation, and seriously if this all started because of something said on myspace, we all know that people hack your accounts, you accidentally stay logged in at school, or the library and people stay logged into your name and write vicious things about the people you know to start up drama. Honestly all it takes is a “Did you say that about me” “no” ok then if you don’t believe the person then an altercation might occur but beating this girl senseless by no means is right.

I do hope the girls and the boys get time in jail, adult crime-they planned it, they knew what they were doing regardless of their age, and if they can do this in their teens what are they capable of doing when they are adults?

Also I want to address there are people who are saying that they actions of these girls stems from them not living in a two parent house hold, which is just a cop-out that is the lamest excuse I’ve heard. Over 50% I believe of children in America are living in a single parent house hold. Does this give them the right to beat up a girl because they have issues, or are poor? NO! Most of the time, and I can say this from experience, you can be brought up from a nice family with 2 parents, and still have problems, or be angry about your life. So just because you think they live in a/ come from a single parent house hold does not and is not a valid reason for their actions, there is a certain age where (most) “children” stop listening to their parent(s) and start doing what they want to do. It’s what teenagers do, but that still does not give those girls the right to beat up the other girl. 6-1 is not a fair fight, and excuse my language but that’s how p****’s fight. Because they know if they took her on by themselves they would have backed out or would have lost.

Anyways don’t blame myspace and youtube, for what people do, myspace didn’t tell them to post it, and youtube didn’t put the camera into their hands.

Yoda, the ode to the

*cry* My car died…again.
Oh well. What can you do I mean it’s old and we def can’t afford a new one. But we keep pouring money into it. The cool thing was, was that my bestfriend had AAA, and had free tow service to anyone she knows, for up to 100 miles! So we got to tow it.

But it was a long day, I thought we’d run out of gas, well we got gas, and well that didn’t help at all, so we think it’s the starter, who knows! We towed it to Fletchers a local Auto Shop.

Dude Jenni and Shayne are the shyte!!
They totally saved us!
We gave them free Jack N The Box!

New Dashboard!!!!

OMG WP changes the Dashboard, and I really really don’t like it, the reason being is I liked it being more simplistic. It was easier to find my catagories when they were on the side and this just throws me off. Can I get the old one back? Could there be an option. I’m sorry to WP staff who worked hard on this, however I just figured out how to use the current settings and dashboard and it gets changed on me. I’m also not a fan of the colors! Ahk!

Also is anyone having trouble with avatar.starried.net it won’t load for me 😦

Wow What a person…?

Wow who ever commented on my “Tarla Freebies” Post is stupid. Not only could you disclose who you are like a real person whose going to insult someone is you did it on a site that’s geared towards neopets! What’s up with  that. Instead be an upstanding person and come out and tell me who you are. W/e the stuff you wrote didn’t make any sense at all.

The best medicine

For me when I’m in a bad mood the best thing to do is listen to Eminem or some really profane music with shouting and anger, it releases all the crap that you feel inside.

I was born in D-Town. Near 8 mile was where we lived, so I’m told. Might not be a lot but I love Mr. Mathers I think he’s hot, and he’s got this thing that I like…..I don’t think I can explain it, but I’d love to meet him sometime in my life.

It’s one of the things I want to do before I die…you know the life’s fulfillment list??
Well I want to go to a concert….So hey Marshall if you happen across my little blog (fat chance I know) but please do a few more concerts and this time don’t neglect Arizona….!!

Google Earth Street View

So I was watching the news today and they were reporting on Google Earth’s newest feature called the street view.  It allows people to go right up to the street and look at various houses, and businesses. People or so they report on the news feel that it is an invasion of privacy!! But let me ask you? How often do you go somewhere and see cameras taping your every move whether it be on the street, in the store, or private surveillance. Do you see this as an invasion of privacy?! I sure don’t because guess what we don’t have privacy anymore!!
Everything we do is recorded, what you buy with a credit card or debit card, where you drive on the freeway the list goes on!! This feature to me is not an invasion on privacy, mostly I’d use it to search NYC or how far somewhere is from where I am or going to be.