Eh Not the right one!

The Wheel of Excitement!

THE SKULL!!! – DgurlFdawg starts to feel slightly feverish… maybe they have come down with a disease… 😦

Cool Winning again!

You win 2000 Neopoints!!!!

Hey Look Something other then the ?

You win 500 Neopoints!!


The Wheel of Excitement!

Mystery Prize – You only win 92 Neopoints… oh well, better luck next time!

You know I’m so sick of getting this stupid question mark when I spin the wheel of excitement?!? It’s sooo annoying I mean almost every time I spin I get this! Why? It’s so stupid, I spun last night and I got the same thing just a different amount of Neopoints! I hate it. Why can’t TNT give me another one? Perhaps the 10K?? I’m spinning for the avie! *sigh* oh well.

Wheel Of Excitement Secret Item.

The Wheel of Excitement’s Secret Item is usually a small handful of neopoints. Basically I think it’s under 200nps.

So there’s the mystery!

Yippe I’m…..?? Huh What happend?!


Hmm it Said Secret Item…this isn’t a ‘secret item’ this is something lame!! 😦 😦