Plushie Machine

You insert 250MP and move the claw to the right…

You picked up Mutant Azul Plushie

Test Your Strength Win

Not bad… but not good either!

You have won 10,000MP!

This never happens lol.

JuJu Avie

Congratulations! You found the ‘Juju‘ Hidden Avatar

Attach a Juju Minipet to your pet and go make a plate, this was my first try but from what I hear it can be random.

Candy Tree Quest

Here is your reward for bringing me chocolate..

Chocolate Costume


This is so awesome and I only did 8 Quests.


So, now that Neo is dying a slow and agonizing death I’ve been spending lots of my time over on Marapets. I’ve posted here and there about it before, but not too frequently. I think I’m going to start up again! Right now referrals are down, and being re-worked so people can’t cheat, what that means for people joining using my link? Not sure, but I hope it gets up soon.

How is Marapets different from Neo? Well it’s a bit more complex and a bit more simplistic than Neo. Well first you have pets, and unlike Neo you can have 12, and you can buy boxes to gain more space for even more pets. You have a doll/character that you can dress in costumes, and clothing and it’s fun stuff. There are site events, quests, missions, goals, rewards, collections, stat increases, contests and a numerous amount of things to do on the site. There are forums, and a live chat called Maratalk, there are games, but you don’t get MPs (Marapoints) from playing them, you get game points which you can redeem in the game shop. Right now for Halloween season we had about 5-10 different site events that gave use items. Some of it is tedious and hard and annoying but other things are awesome and cool. The Forums are much more strict than Neo though and they have much more staff, but the staff isn’t invisible and they do interact with you. The people on mara are very nice, and a vast majority are adult players, which is great for me being an adult player. There is just so much more to do, so with that I will probably be posting more about Mara and less about Neo.

Come find me on marapets via my username:  Danniegurl if you’ve found my through my blog let me know 🙂

Have fun and if you need help feel free to Message me via Mara. 🙂