Sloth Plot.

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– Trophies –


Covert Operative
Points: 28,480

– Completed Steps –
A Series of Tubes – Level 1
Navigated through the easiest maintenance area.
A Series of Tubes – Level 2
Got past a Buzzler and several turntables.
A Series of Tubes – Level 3
A more complicated maze of tubes and doors.
A Series of Tubes – Level 4
Avoided densely-packed Buzzlers and myriad turntables.
A Series of Tubes – Level 5
Got past a room that’s not as confusing as it looks.
Breaking the Code
Hacked through countless messages to discover an important secret.
Shuttle Bay Rescue – Chamber 1
Got past a single guard.
Shuttle Bay Rescue – Chamber 2
Made it past another two guards in a larger room.
Shuttle Bay Rescue – Chamber 3
Bypassed three guards in a more complex area.
Shuttle Bay Rescue – Chamber 4
Slipped past six guards using narrow passages.
Shuttle Bay Rescue – Chamber 5
Navigated a maze of civilians and nine guards to reach Scout and Cylara’s Family.
– Battledome Victories –
– Garoo Elite –

Garoo Elite Junior Squadron
Wins: 8

Garoo Elite Strike Commanders

Garoo Elite Specialist Riilan
– Sloth’s Minions –

Mutant Grundo Scouts

Virtupets Militia
– Grundobot –

Primary Grundo Bot RZ894


Haven’t posted much on the meteor.

So here’s a tribute to the Meteor.

Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ The meteor has cracked open and a small object falls out.