You just found a Valentine’s Day Prize. Enjoy your Pink Heart Lolly!

New Avie

Congratulations! You found the ‘Biala Tetris‘ Hidden Avatar!

Alrigh Marapets it is!

Alright so now I will ALSO be adding my updates to Marapets! Yippe! And while I’m waiting for laundry to get done so I can change I’ll show you some of the things I’ve got.

Congratulations! You found the ‘Training‘ Hidden Avatar!

You can have dolls and dress them up too!:

You can give them new hair, change their clothes, shoes, and have plastic surgery! It’s pretty nifty. I’ll probably have a lot more updates on my Marapets because I have more Avies to collect from them and am still finding them…

I’m having a hard time beating AAA in the Ultimate Bullseye competition ahh I want to beat him.